Health and Wellness for the Spirit, Soul and Body


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     Our vision for abundant living is to apply Biblical principles to every area of our existence to promote true health as promised in the Word of God.  We were created in the likeness of God, and God is Spirit.  Our most important assignment is to bring the good news of Salvation through Jesus Christ to the community around us.  God created man to live on this earth in a vessel called the body.  Our bodies contain three parts that are intimately linked, each part affected by the other.  These parts must work together in harmony to achieve the life God intended for us.  Disharmony came into the world through the fall of man, resulting in disrupted life and liberty.  The good news is that God has always had a plan to restore what was lost.

     The purpose of The Abundant Living Restoration Centre is to build a framework in which to promote and advance health and wellness back into the individual.  We have multiple Christian businesses, working in unity, whose sole passion is to restore what was lost to mankind.  By working together and networking our God-given gifts and talents, we can accomplish our goal. 

     We at The Abundant Living Restoration Centre desire to apply God’s Word as we minister to the complete person, as represented by Spirit, Body and Soul.  It is our firm conviction to be a positive factor in the growth and development of every individual’s Spirit, Soul and Body as they transition into full health.